Landis gyr meter programming software

All focus meters feature a single circuit board design mounted at the front of the meter to allow room for modular ami. Measurement, control, regulation brief information operating principle elsterinstromet irm3 and irm3 duo rotary gas meters are volumetric measuring devices for gaseous media which operate according to the positive displacement. The focus meter was designed to be a lowcost, solidstate, kwhonly meter as an alternative metering and amr platform to the induction meter. These include diaphragm, rotary, turbine and ultrasonic meters, filters, opsos over pressure shutoff devices, axial flow valve, radial flow valve and. Please note that to install the software you may require login permission.

The product family includes gsmgprsumts as well as 2g3g modems allowing utility customers to choose from a wide variety of modems the most suitable communication technology for their applications. Applications the em5300 meter simplifies meter asset management and reduces your inventory requirements by allowing one. During my career i have gained a strong knowledge of object oriented programming, software architecture patterns and also new methodologies such as scrum, ddd, and tdd. The contract includes the addition of 350,000 advanced meters and updated network infrastructure to ipls existing ami program. Depending on the meter type being used, empwin supports communication with these meters using. The new generation cashpower gem compact meter cm is a singlephase, keypadbased, prepayment meter in british standard housing.

Used as a companion with 12prog to program and read e330 focus. Cashpower prepayment metering, electricity prepayment meters residential. This handheld device can store meter programs for the programming of meters in the field. These include diaphragm, rotary, turbine and ultrasonic meters, filters, opsos over pressure shutoff devices, axial flow valve, radial. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click accept below then you are consenting to this. This meter is popular with buytolet property investors, landlords and letting agents who feel that there is a reasonable risk of tampering by tenants. Antonio maria sanchez berrocal senior software designer.

E550 is a transformer connected commercial electricity meter suitable for low and medium voltage applications. Acts as a load profile translation software package. Under the agreement, the san franciscobased utility plans. Global home automation system software market 2020 impact. May also be manually activated with 3g technician software. S4x solidstate meter family with gridstream series 5 rf mesh ip.

E350 series 2 measuring instruments pdf manual download. Below you will find all documents available for download. Cashpower gemini plc measuring instruments pdf manual download. Such data, which includes historical consumer information like meter location, address, previous billing data, and previous utility notes, were integral for accurate, periodic billing efforts.

Techstudio also performs initial radio configuration. Gas industry, furnace construction, chemicals industry tasks. Alle americas asiapacific europe, the middle east and africa. All americas asiapacific europe, the middle east and africa. The cookie settings on this website are set to allow cookies to give you the best browsing experience possible. We have purchased a fargo maestro 100 gsmgprs modem for remote communication with the siemens meter. If you require access rights, please contact your local sales office. Its 2 litre per cycle diaphragm operates at a rate 60% slower than its 1. Combined electric and water utilities can also tie together meter reading operations under a.

The flash memory can also be remotely updated by oncor using the zigbee rf mesh network used to read the meters. Compatible with meters, handhelds and programming software supported by ansi c12. Today implementation of smart metering in the residential sector in switzerland generates in total 2 to 5% savings. What does a meter manufacturing company have to do with sophisticated software or it altogether. Our team of dedicated trainers supports customers in educating their employees by providing standard training sessions or needsbased customized training options. Map120 parameterization tool, the software can be licensed for various versions. Combined with industryleading meters, sensors and software applications, the system allows seamless operation of smart grid and consumerside energy management programs. Below are explanations of how to read each type of meter for our basic, timeofday, customer generation and electric vehicle ev price plan options. The home energy manager allows you to control hvac, water heater, and pool pump settings as part of. This design minimises the speed of internal components thereby reducing wear and ensuring long term accuracy retention. The companys worldleading prepayment metering solutions comprise an extensive range of meters and sophisticated vending software marketed under the brand name cashpower. Expanded interval data capacity, reduced communication times, ease of programming and installation make the em an advanced metering asset that can deliver substantial returns for. Landis gyr smart meter software configuration and navigant report. The usb200 optical probe has strong magnets in the headshell to improve handling during meter reading and programming operations.

This handheld device can store meter programs for the programming of meters. This meter is most suited to new reticulation and is directly and easily interchangeable with common base prepayment meters from other. Turbine meter overspeed protection device sizing for isocritical venturi. Educational sessions are provided both in a classroom setting and online. The e460 solution is based on open and interoperable standards, using g3plc ofdm communications between the meter, p160 customer interface unit and the data concentrator. The 5236 electricity meter is fitted with an sms sim card to communicate with the back office software, and is also fitted with a low power radio module which acts as the communication gateway between the libra 310 gas meter and the ecometer. Manufacturing process and technology used in home automation system software market, key developments and trends changing in the development. The device provides very much needed functionality in power quality, antitampering, billing and outage support.

You can read this meter using the lcd display on the meter itself. Meters supported include the em5300, q4, q4w, q4c, q3 em5100, em3300, q4a, em3000, em1200, all, em and p1 type of meters. The programs can be directly uploaded to the emprohhu from a pc, without the need for initiating the program developer software, and using. Irrespective of the device being configured, the look and feel of the customer interface is the same thereby assisting the technician to easily use more than one device without having to become acquainted with new software. Designed for long life and superior performance housed in a compact aluminium case, the model 750 is a slow revving high capacity gas meter. The meter platform will measure energy accurately over varying environmental conditions. This meter is ideal for use in domestic homes, body corporates, granny flats and individual rented units. Map is a parameterization tool map120 and a service tool map 110 for our meters and corresponding communication modules. The meter is based on reliable, field proven digital multiplication measurement technique. The company has offices in 30 countries on five continents and is the worlds leading supplier of electricity metering systems. Landis gyr smart meter software configuration and navigant.

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