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Liferay is available in in an enterprise version which includes manufacturer sopport. Liferay named a leader for the 10th time in the 2020 magic quadrant for dxps. One aspect of modern software architecture is the notion of services. Liferay teams with alfresco and virtuas to provide. J2ee, jsr 168, soap wsrp web services, jsr 170, myfaces. Framework and architecture liferay portal systems development. High compatibility liferay portals compatibility with major application servers, database servers, and operating systems over 700 deployment configurations drastically reduces the initial hardware and software investment required by your. The book starts with the development of jsr 286 portlets in liferay. Benefits for the user, business, and developer liferay. A set of useful portlets are bundled with the portal, including documents and media, calendar, message boards, blogs, wikis, and so on.

It shows liferay s standardcomplied way to develop jsr 286 portlets. Equally significant, if you want to swap in a different compliant. Software load balancer configuration using the apache web server liferay portal cluster. Support your customers before and after the sale with a collection of digital experience software that works together to grow the customer. Liferay is open source platform that is robust, powerful, flexible, easy to integrate and standards compliant jsr 168, jsr 286 and jsr 170.

The file system store is the default repository store used by liferay portal. Resources for liferay developers liferay help center. Goodwill industries international helped drive the security overhaul of the new version of open source liferay portal software, expected to be announced this week. Mar 20, 2012 liferay adheres to several specifications including jsr168 java portlet specification v1. Jsr 168 is portlet specification defined by java community people based on this many people implemented portlet technologies. Liferay named a leader in the 2020 magic quadrant for digital experience platforms. There are numerous applications that are available for jsr 170 repositories, some of them are very generic like a webdav server other applications can be very specific and make use of the content repository as a store for the information that is used by the applications. Open source portal software controls security network world.

Liferay works well in clusters of multiple machines horizontal cluster or in clusters of multiple vms on a single machine vertical cluster, or any mixture of the two. Furthermore, it supports events system with asynchronous messaging and lightweight message bus. Java community people was founf some of the limitations in jsr 168 and they are added new specifications to jsr 168 then they released as jsr 286 standards. Proficient in unit, integration and system testing. The documents and media library architecture liferay portal. Sep 04, 2015 liferay portal is designed to deploy portlets that adhere to the portlet api compliant with both jsr 168 and jsr 286. As shown with jboss and liferay which use jackrabbit, jsr 170 enables developers to quickly program to a content repository. This specification is designed to achieve interoperability between different portals and portlets. Updates to the original jsr java community process. For purposes of this example, we assume that there is an email listener that stores the email as a jcr node using the jsr 170 interface. Jsr 286 is advanced portlet specification and it was added new features to jsr 168. Liferay est notamment compatible avec les portlets 1. It also uses spring framework for its transaction management. Document repository configuration liferay help center.

Updates to the original java specification request jsr the following information has been updated from the original jsr. Liferay overhauls open source portal network world. Updates to the original java specification request jsr. Worked with jsr 168 jsr 286 portlet complaints for inter portlet communication in liferay. Files stored in the internal repository of liferays. Files stored in the internal repository of liferays documents and media can be configured to be stored in a jsr170 compatible repository if desired. May 16, 2006 liferay teams with alfresco and virtuas to provide performance, value, choice in enterprise software. Liferay is a portletcontainer which runs on most of the application servers and if you created a portlet without using any of the vendorspecific api then it should run in all the different portals like liferay, ibm etc with just adding a few configuration files which are given for additional user experience and features. Vendor, product name, technology, license, portlet api. Liferay portal is compliant with all key industry standards jsr286, jsf314, jsr170, wsrp and jbi and participated as a member of the portlet 2. Worked with jsr 170 for content management system in liferay portal. Good understanding of software development life cycle sdlc process and agile.

Alfresco is a jsr 170 compliant repository therefore supports the jcr api. Java developer resume tx hire it people we get it done. Access liferay technology, source code, updates and legal benefits for embedding software. Using the document library portlet, i created folders, uploaded documents and images, and assigned access. Liferay portal was the first to provide an easytouse, draganddrop interface. It illustrates how to write layout templates and themes in the plugins sdk environment. It is also used by liferay marketplace and liferay s graphical. Better customer experiences start with a unified platform. It adds another layer like jsr170, where the repository can be abstracted.

Liferay portal is developed to adhere to jsr 168 and jsr 286 specifications. Day provides a jsr 170compliant repository as part of its commercial communique 4 enterprise cms and sells the standalone content repository extreme crx. Lgpl and proprietary licenses jsr168, jsr286, wsrp magnolia international ltd. The book gives examples of advanced struts portlet development. Files stored in the internal repository of liferay s documents and media can be configured to be stored in a jsr 170 compatible repository if desired. Liferay portal is compliant with all key industry standards jsr 286, jsf314, jsr 170, wsrp and jbi and participated as a member of the portlet 2. This is a list of notable vendors of enterprise portals. J2ee, jsr 168, soap wsrp web services, jsr 170, my faces. This jsr requests the creation of the next version of the portlet specification.

Liferay is written in java and complies with standards jsr 168, jsr 286 and jsr 170. Content applications interact through the jsr 170 api with the content repository implementation. Liferay portal podporuje standardy jsr168, jsr127, jsr170, jsr286 a jsf314. Things you have to do to a jsr 168 to make it become jsr 286 compliant things you must not do, that would cause an otherwise jsr 286 compliant portlet to be considered only jsr 168. Its open source edition liferay portal community edition is available under the lgpl. Product data sheet liferay portal enterprise and professional. An update is necessary to address progress in java ee java technology that has taken place since jsr286 portlet specification 2. Mainly focused on enterprise portal technology, the company has its headquarters in diamond bar, california, united states. Once you have liferay installed in more than one application server node, there are several optimizations that need to be made. Become a partner mutually beneficial partnerships increase success and capabilities of the liferay ecosystem. This specification is created by committee of jee portal vendors. Liferay complies with and helps define new industry standards.

Plugins which you wish to deploy to liferay can be copied into this folder. Jboss and liferay provide open portals to soa infoworld. This folder is used to store the embedded hsql database which the bundles use, as well as the configuration and data for the jackrabbit jsr 170 content repository and the lucene search index. Liferay is distributed under a double licensing model. An enterprise portal is a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries. The company also licensed this specification to the apache software foundation asf, where its the cornerstone of the open source jackrabbit project. Liferay portal is serveragnostic, and is designed to fit into your environment.

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