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Online notice board introduction problem definition in the modern society, many people have access to modern technology. Notice board is primary thing in any institution organization or public utility places like bus stations, railway stations and parks. So admin can leave and erase notification for other people to read and see. It is further displayed on an electronic notice board which equipped with lcd. With the help of free online notice board, users can access the notifications and articles quickly not only in the particular premises, also wherever and whenever they need to know. The proposed system will act as an online notice board which will make use of the modern communication methodologies and techniques for information flow. This project is mainly about digital notice board with raspberry pie in which there. Insufficient space leading to overlapping posts it is hard to know the latest posts you cannot know how many people viewed your post you dont have direct access to the. Therefore the wall notice board is outdated and has many limitations. The traditional way of displaying notices is sticking print of notices on notice. Pdf gsm based e notice board srs venkatesh agnihotri. Visvesvaraya technological university belgaum a project report on submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of. This project deals about an advanced hitech wireless notice board.

Wireless notice board project circuit and working elprocus. Pdf notice boards are seen as a means of disseminating useful. It presents an sms based notice board incorporating the widely used gsm to facilitate the communication of. Online notice board free php project download with.

This allows for easy navigation of the notices and articles. Electronic notice board with multiple output display ieee xplore. A separate person is required to take care of this notices display. These notes can have text, images or include online videos such as from youtube. This paper deals with an interesting and innovative manner of displaying messages on an electronic display board using wireless technology. At present, all electronic boards are designed with a wired system. This online notice board project is very helpful for all type of users like existing users and new users. The main aim of this free online notice board project is make information dissemination much easier in a paperless community as the world tends to interact with the. Wireless notice board is very selective term for this project, as it has a very wide scope rather than just being a simple notice board. The main aim of the project gsm based enotice board is to design an sms driven automatic display which reduces the manual operation. Notice boards are one of the basic things in any organisation or public utility places likes hospitals. The constructor must provide a notice of project to the ministry prior to starting projects that meet the standards set out in section 6 1 of the regulation for construction projects, o. The content on the screen is made up of several images files and broadcasting display information and also remotely control it.

But sticking various notices daytoday is a difficult process. An online notice board is a place where people can leave any types of messages and notifications, for example, to advertise things, announce events or provide any information. E notice board welcomes users with a main screen which provides all the menu options that may be selected to enter or access the other modules including the module of study. First we should understand the purpose of this project, in this system we can display a message or notice to some display device like lcd, and this message can be easily set or changed from anywhere in the world, just by using the sms facility of your mobile handset. Pdf gsm based enotice board project report venkatesh. Welcome to the ministry of labour, training and skills developments notice of project form. Online notice board free php project a notice board is a place where people can leave public messages, for example, to advertise things, announce events.

Display message on notice board using gsm 831 we shall also discuss the applications and their use in the project. The main objective of this project is to develop a wireless notice board. To understand the working of our project, understanding of the components is. Digital notice board 1modi tejal prakash, 2kureshi noshin ayaz. Display message on notice board using gsm research india. Abstract the paper aims at iterating the results of a project focused on developing a wireless electronic notice board, which offers the flexibility to control. It is an online notice board maker where a group of people can easily communicate with each other by sticking virtual notes. When the e notice board is updated, the person who has registered will be receiving the notification. Wireless electronic notice board page 5circuit diagram circuit diagram of wireless electronic notice board using gsm module the.

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