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Features of raychem wintergard wet h622250 selfregulating heating cable. Raychem inpipe mini heating cable for insulated pipes, gfi. Ice can wreak havoc on homes and businesses if left unattended, but you can be proactive and protect your investment with effective heat trace systems from heat trace specialists. Log in now to see your prices and local availability. Bimobject corporation, acknowledged by investors with a global red herring 100 award, and a public company on nasdaq omx.

The c910485 provides control and monitoring of electrical heating cable circuits for commercial heating applications, with builtin 30 ma groundfault protection and rs485 communication capability. Heat trace raychem heating cable connection kits atex. End seals heat trace raychem heating cable termination. Browse our latest trace heating accessories offers. Heat trace cable accessories heat trace monitoring lights. High temperature adhesive tape for heat trace cable. Depending on the application, they typically require more sophisticated control systems. Wintergard power connection kit with end seal power connection for h311, h611, and h621 power connection for h612 and h622 description the wintergard power connection kit is for use only with the following wintergard heating cables. Raychem wintergard heat trace cable is a professionalgrade, 3wattfoot, selfregulating electrical cable that can be used for pipe freeze protection on small pipes. Design, installation and maintenance manual heat trace. For over 50 years, they have recognized that innovation. The conductive polymer core automatically adjusts heat output at each point along the pipe, with no need for thermostats. The raychem btv family of selfregulating electric heat trace cable is an ideal solution for pipe freeze protection and process temperature maintenance.

Slide the cut piece of heat shrink over the cable end. A wide variety of raychem heat trace options are available to you, such as copper. Buy nvent raychem 9wm trace heating accessory kit hot water maintenance, 230 v ac, 20m hwatm. The qtvr family of raychem selfregulating electric heat trace cables. It is approved by fm, csa, and ptb for use in hazardous locations. Next to our range of heating cables, we offer a full suite of control and monitoring products and connected solutions for virtually any application. Raychem wintergard wet 6 watt heat trace cable raychem. Raychem wintergard 3 watt heat trace cable raychem self. Our attachment tapes, cable ties, pipe straps, mounting brackets, junction boxes, tools, and miscellaneous accessories are meant to be used in conjunction with our electric heat tracing systems. The rmm2 accepts up to eight rtds that measure pipe, vessel, or ambient temperatures in a heat tracing system. The raychem t100 connection kit serves as an aboveinsulation splice or tee kit for up to three raychem btv, qtvr, xtv, ktv, or vpl industrial parallel heating cables. A complete electric heattracing system is much more than just the heating cable. We have been canadas premiere industrial supplier for over 125 years with superior service and quality. Et6c, et7c, et8c end termination kits are designed to properly terminate the end away from power of a heat tracing circuit.

From connection kits to tape rolls, nvent thermal raychem offer every component required for a smooth heat tracing. With over one billion feet of heat trace installed all around the world, raychem supply has the experience and knowledge to provide safe and reliable heat control for your operation. Frequently, more sophisticated control and monitoring requirements are necessary. See table on page 27 and the xltrace system installation and operation manual h58033. Raychem supply is your source for all raychem products including heat trace cables and accessories, cable terminations, heat shrink sleeves and heat shrink tubing.

Control, monitoring and sensing industrial control and monitoring solutions ensure the uninterrupted performance of your system, offering standalone to fully connected solutions, to meet the needs of your application. Accessories nvent thermal management offers a wide variety of accessories designed to make your electric heat tracing system complete. Thats why so many count on chromalox for the right mix of application engineering, products and site services for their process temperature maintenance, freeze protection, and winterization needs. Raychem wintergard wet heat trace cable is a professionalgrade, 6wattfoot, selfregulating electric heating cable designed to provide pipe freeze protection and roof and gutter deicing for light commercial and residential locations.

Pentair, raychem trace heating warrnaty 10 year atex. This raychem heat trace system provides pipe freeze protection for metal and plastic pipes as well as temperature maintenance of grease disposal and fuel. The heating cable is installed per manufacturers instructions with approved tyco thermal controls connection kits. Raychem supply is your source for all raychem products including heat trace cables and accessories, cable terminations, heat shrink sleeves and heat s. Look here for a power connection kit, plug in cord set, roof clips, splice and tee kits, application tape, downspout hangers and more. Raychem rpg manufactures high quality automatic and manual transformer rectifier units trus for cathodic protection application to buried structures, storage tanks at storage terminals i refineries and cross country pipelines that are critical to. Raychem wintergard, wintergard plus, wintergard wer selec. Learn all about nvent thermal heat trace products and heating systems with our literature overview page that contains guides, data sheets, manuals and more. Get the best deals on raychem industrial cable organizers when you shop the largest online selection at. To see pricing and availability for this product, create an account. We are a stocking distributor of electric heaters, controls and accessories. Raychem heating cables selfregulating core generates heat when and where its needed.

As the inventor of selfregulating heat tracing, our raychem brand is recognized for technical leadership in the industries we serve. The raychem e100e is approved by ptb, fm and csa, for use in hazardous locations. Raychem heat trace system nvent thermal management. Raychem 120 v heat trace cable per feet 5xl1cr ferguson. Copper cable heating explosion proof electric self regulating heat tracing cable. We are the worlds largest and fastest growing digital content management system for bim objects. The raychem brand is synonymous with selfregulating electric heat trace cables and components for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Raychem wintergard wet heat trace cable is a professionalgrade, 6wattfoot, selfregulating electric heating cable designed to provide pipe freeze protection and roof and gutter deicing for residential and light commercial locations. Trace heating accessories are all the components and additional parts that go with trace heating cables.

Therefore, the sensor should always be fixed to the work piece. Whether the application is a small project or a complex network, designing an electric heat trace system is easy with heat trace cable. Meeting the needs of their customers is at the core of the pentair thermal management mission. Heating cable accessories from grainger include kits and supplies to help you connect your deicing cable or roof heater cable. Selfregulating heat tracing cables can adjust their output to the surrounding temperature down the cable length. Raychem heating cables can be used on plastic as well as metal pipes. Pentairtyco heat trace medium voltage accessory supply. Home use water frost protection self regulating pipe tracing cable raychem heat tracing cable. Tes raychem heat shrink tubing is available in different varieties of materials, colors and sizes. They are approved by fm and csa for use in hazardous locations.

Consult the design specification or raychem product literature for the tracing requirements for fittings and support. As the inventor of selfregulating heat tracing technology, nvent raychem solutions are globally recognized as a leading provider of complete electrical trace heating systems. Choose from a variety of manufacturers of heat cable parts and accessories to install your diy plugin or custom length heat cable system. Raychem heating cable accessories grainger industrial supply. Pricelist 2019 nvent raychem industrial heat tracing solutions. Each kit includes a rubber end cap, rtv adhesive and caution label. The key to nvent thermalraychems success lies in the unique design of their selfregulating cable. Chromalox xtremeduty technologies ensure superior performance of your heat trace system in the most demanding corrosive, extreme temperature, or. E100e trace heating end seal kit is designed and approved to terminate one raychem self regualting btv, qtvr, xtv, ktv trace heating cable or one raychem power limiting vpl trace heating cable in industrial and atex hazardous area locations. Tes raychem connectors and accessories serve the needs of many industries, including aerospace, defense, and industrial and commercial transportation. The heating cable is constructed of nickelcopper bus wires, a selfregulating conductive core, an insulating jacket and a tinnedcopper braid.

Raychem gm2x heating cables provide roof and gutter snow melting and deicing for following applications. Raychem power connection kit heating cable accessories. More than 300 million feet of raychem selfregulating heating cable have been installed worldwide since 1970. Raychem rpg manufactures high quality automatic and manual transformer rectifier units trus for cathodic protection application to buried structures, storage tanks at storage terminals i refineries and cross country pipelines that are critical to the hydrocarbon business sector of any country. This adaptability to individual thermal conditions provides more heat where needed and can also reduce energy. Utilizing two parallel bus wires in contact with a semi. Find your raychem power connection kit at grainger canada, formerly acklandsgrainger. Shop for raychem, heat cable accessories, raychem from platt electric supply.

Thin wall heat shrink tubing, flexible polyolefin, shrink ratio 2. Trace pipe fittings as shown to allow easy maintenance. The corrosionresistant steel bands are available in three widths and a variety of. The surface of the heating cable must not exceed the maximum temperature of the constructional materials or the temperature classification if installed in a hazardous area. Buy raychem power connection system trace heating connection kit 47mm x 240mm x 64 mm ce02. Make offer raychem electric heat trace parallel heating cable 10btv1ct max 120vac 5 ft. Raychem trace heating power connection junction boxes. From industrial air conditioners, heat exchangers, filter fans to accessories, our global customer base relies on our partnership for smart, industrial cooling and heating solutions. The e100a and e100la serve as aboveinsulation termination kits for raychem brand btv, qtvr, xtv, ktv, or vpl heating cables. Typical installation details for fixing heater to pipe fittings are shown below and across. Raychem wintergard, wintergard plus, wintergard wer selectidn guide for pipe freeze protection applications raychem wintergard selfregulatingheating cables provide convenient, reliable freeze pro tection for awide variety of professionally installed residential and commercial waterpipe and roofandgutterdeicingapplications in. Raychem power connection system trace heating connection kit. Raychem self regulating heat trace cable with voice over.

Each is designed to provide long term protection in the most demanding environments where moisture, corrosion, mechanical damage and extreme temperature are found. Raychem and pentair approved distributor with all raychem products stocked. Included in our raychem line are as85049 adapters and band straps for rugged, reliable shield termination. Trace heating uk is a trading division of edison house trading ltd. Tested in the most extreme conditions, xtremeduty heat trace cables, controls and accessories are proven to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with virtually no maintenance required. Raychem icestop gm2x cable 446105000 from ksm limited.

Unfollow raychem heat trace to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. The nvent raychem remote monitoring module rmm2 provides temperature monitoring capability for the ngc30, ngc40 and accs30 heat tracing control and monitoring systems. The 120volt plugnplay system is a selfregulating heating cable that delivers just the heat that is needed. Raychem end seal kits for termination of raychem trace heating cables both above and below insulation in hazardous area locations zone 1, zone 2. As the inventor of selfregulating heat tracing technology, we provide pipe freeze protection, process temperature maintenance and comfort heating. Raychem 8btv2ct self regulating trace heating cable trace. International trace heating, free design and next day delivery. Raychem gardian h612 w5150p selfregulating roof and gutter deicingpipe freeze preassembled heat cables 5. Xl trace selfregulating pipe freeze protection system. Electrical heat tracing systems and controls nvent raychem. Guaranteed instant hot water nvent raychem hwat selfregulating electric heat trace cable is designed to provide hot water temperature maintenance for domestic hot water supply pipes in commercial and residential structures. Raychem quality design means superior heating systems the selfregulating design of raychem heating cables eliminates worry about overheating or burnouts from overlapping. Heat traces evolution software will advise the setpoint temperature required in. Shop raychem self regulating heating cable, xltrace, modified polyolefin outer jacket, 5w, 120v by nvent thermal management 5xl1crcut reel at graybar, your trusted resource for heating cables and other nvent thermal management products.

Trace heating cables contain a heating element inside. In 1973, raychem revolutionized the heat tracing industry by developing the first selfregulating electric heat trace cable. Watch our video to find out how to effectively combat ice dams for your complete winter solution. Manufacturers who must keep product flowing need a heat trace partner they can trust.

Whether its a mechanical thermostat or a microprocessorbased control and monitoring. Splice kit, compatible with self regulating heat trace cable. Find all the components needed to install a heat tape cable system to help prevent ice dams. Heat trace cable is used in residential, commercial and light industrial applications designed to provide freeze protection for piping and roof gutter applications. Heat trace cable accessories heat trace specialists. Xltrace selfregulating pipe freeze protection system reliable freeze protection from the industry leader excellent performance high reliability low installed cost low total operating cost the xltrace system provides freeze protection for metal and plastic water pipes in commercial, institutional, and residential construction. Their selfregulating heating core adjusts automatically, to protect against overheating or developing hot spots when overlapped or covered with insulation. Utilizing heat tracing accessories and components from nvent thermal raychem simplifies installation and increases safety and reliability.

Electric heat tracing systems are designed to make up for the heat lost from process system equipment through the thermal insulation. Self regulating heating cable, mounting location dry, cable length 100 ft. Materials for one power connection and one end seal are included. Heat, fans heat cable heat cable accessories connection kits products related to rayclict rayclic tee kitend seal or visit the nvent raychem site for help with rayclic tee kitend seal from nvent raychem. Includes 2 end seals and 1 support bracket and is ip68 weather protected. The lightning cord is used with the following apple products. In some cases, the heat tracing system can be used for system heat up at initial startup or after a power shutdown. R xltrace selfregulating pipe freeze protection system.

Raychem t100 splice tee connection kit for electric. Unlike conventional heating cables, raychem heating. Raychem cable delivers the appropriate amount of heat exactly when and where it is needed, adjusting the out put produced in response to ambient and process conditions, making it ideal for heat management systems. Click add to cart to buy nvent raychem rayclict rayclic tee kitend seal. Pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance selfregulating heating cable construction raychem xl trace selfregulating heating cables are comprised of two parallel nickelcoated bus wires in a crosslinked polymer core, a tinned copper braid, and a fluoropolymer or polyolefin outer jacket. We provide a complete system from the power distribution panel to the connection kit, end termination, glass tape warning labels and the heating cable. The nvent raychem c910485 is a compact, full featured, microprocessorbased, singlepoint commercial heating cable controller. Xl trace heating cable regulates its own heat output in response to pipe. With over one billion feet of heat trace installed all around the world, raychem supply has the experience and knowledge to provide safe and reliable heat. Raychem frostguard is an energyefficient preassembled heating cable used to protect water pipes from the harm that winter brings. Raychem heat trace products accessories rayclic connector to add to the selection of self regulating cables there is a range of rayclic connections in several configurations. The range includes termination kits suitable for above insulation termination and kits for below insulation termination of raychem btv, qtv, xtv, ktv self regulating trace heating cables and vpl power limiting trace heating cables. Raychem self regulating heating cable, xltrace, modified. Trace heating cables are used inside of pipes to keep them heated.

Not recommended by heat trace, due to the potential of a dangerous situation occurring when the sensor, without the knowledge of the user, becomes detached from the outer sheath. Raychem 3btv1cr 3 wft at 50f10c, crjacket heating cables 033, weight 69. Controlling a heat tracing circuit can be as simple as a mechanical thermostat. V heating accessories fixing material tapes, band, straps, ties.

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