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Selecting the horse as a project allows a 4her to learn more about how horses are properly cared for and ridden. We believe that recordkeeping is central to a childs growth in 4h. All 2017 project record books are due to the beaufort county cooperative extension office by february 15, 2018. Be better prepared for citizenship responsibilities through working in groups and supporting community horse projects and activities. State 4h horse show rule book and the catalog for the state 4h horse show. Sample bill of sale word sample lease agreement word sample horse lease agreement pdf cool affidavit word 4h idaho livestock exhibitors biosecurity reference manual pdf. Provide utah 4h leaders with a basic understanding of 4h ranch horse programs. Because of coronavirus concerns, the blm is working closely with its western idaho 4h club partners to find adopters for these young wild horses. Sanpete county junior livestock record book fillable pdf sanpete county 4h horse record book fillable pdf.

Before youth can participate in the 4h horse program they must first become a member of 4h. Giddy up and go focuses on the introductory basics and familiarizes youth with horses. Record beginning ration for each horse, and the date and ration if a change is made, such as winter ration and summer ration. Philosophy and goals of the florida 4h horse program the purpose of the 4h program is to provide young people an opportunity to participate in a series of activities designed to improve citizenship, sportsmanship, horsemanship, character, competitive spirit, discipline and. Be certain to include the current rubric project record book and story rubric used for grading record books and the categories to be judged. Use a separate horse project insert for each of your projects. Filling it out at end of the year is likely to be guesstimate rather than a record. To be eligible to compete in this prestigious event, youth must complete a record book and submit this book to the state specialists office for judging. Ufifas extension florida 4h project handout step it up. The speech should be 710 minutes in length and must pertain to the horse industry.

This list is ever changing, but we will work to keep it updated as more resources are developed or shared. Getting started 4h horse program university of idaho. The 4h record book also gives members an opportunity to set goals, develop plans to meet those goals, measure achievements and growth, and in the end reflect on their years in 4h. Summit county 4h equine record book this record book should be used for donkey, mule and all horse projects except 171 and 172 which already contain records and 173 due to its elementary level. This project record book has been created specially for members enrolled in the 4h horse project. This unique opportunity for 4h members active in the horse project will culminate youth participation in their project horses health and management, horse knowledge, horse handling, and horse industry experience. State 4h horse show entries are due to the state 4h office and on ksfair data entry system by august 1.

District ii junior horse camp cascade lake 4h camp. Horse ui extension 4h youth development university of idaho. Horse project record books university of maryland extension. Signed entry indicates compliance and acceptance with all rules, the entry system, and the show personnel and judges final decisions without oral or written protest. The utah 4h horse program is for youth with interest in horses and horse events. Local youths have stayed busy this summer raising livestock and participating in various projects as part of the 4h program. We have a wonderful opportunity this year to bring the district ii horse camp back for its fifteenth year. Anything you would like to share if you add more pages, you can print your entire record book and put it in a 3ring binder to enjoy many years from now. County horse record book gooding county breeding project record book.

Stutsman county 4h horse record book name club age years in project date project started parents name address objectives. Appropriate parental involvement helps strengthen family bonds. Ui extension, gemboise county 4h program, emmett, idaho. Learn about horse breeds, caring for and managing a horse safely, horsemanship and horse related businesses.

Completion of the 4h horse project record books is often a requirement prior to participation in some county, state, and national events. Ui extension 4h youth development university of idaho 875 perimeter drive, ms 3015 moscow, id 838443015. Experience the pride of owning a horse or pony and being responsible for its management. Idaho 4h project and animal project record books will be completed using zsuite starting oct. Complete one equine record book for all equine projects per year unless otherwise indicated in county requirements.

Use this horse project insert along with the alaska 4h record book to record all the things you do in 4h this year. Sheep project record book inserts the following inserts are specific to the sheep project and should be used in conjunction with the 4. Atlantic county 4h horse project rulesrequirementspolicies unless otherwise specified, the requirements and rules in the new jersey 4h horse show rule. All record books must be complete and entered before 8. Complete a florida 4h project record book and submit for county 4h judging at the proper time.

This program will provide experiences to help youth develop leadership, self esteem, and become better horse men and women. Documents and records ui extension 4h youth development. He also provides statewide leadership for the idaho 4h horse and rapidly growing shooting sports programs. Archery record book insert this insert is specific to the archery project and should be used in conjunction with the 4h record book base. H horse record is a summary of your horse project for the current 4. Therefore, whenever idaho 4h members participate in any 4h activity including club practices where mounted on, or riding in a vehicle being pulled by an equine horse, pony, mule, etc. Nez perce county 4h enrollment form clearwater county, idaho. Keeping a record book is an important part of the project. Because of this, we strive to make it as easy as possible for. Suggested objectives to learn in your horse project. General record book, pdf, 415kb general record book, pdf fillable form junior leader, pdf,873kb bucket calf project record, pdf, 887kb.

Fernanda camargo, horse extension specialist, department of animal sciences. Boise, idaho the bureau of land management blm boise district office will offer the first virtual wild horse adoption in idaho on april 11 from noon to 4 p. Members who submit materials for judging receive evaluation and recognition for their accomplishments. Book sections cover horse breeds, psychology, and how to choose a horse. Record books provide connectivity for various parts of any 4h project. Other horses may be shown, but the one being taken to area d must be shown in at least one class at the county. Sc 4h horse record book contest deadline clemson university. Ui extension 4h youth development university of idaho. Now they are showing off their animals and projects for the chance to earn some ribbons and cash. The university of idaho 4h youth development program has partnered with blm to help train weanling or yearling wild horses to.

To be a 4h horse club member, you must first enroll in 4h in your county. By signing below, i am stating that i have completed this record book myself and. The rules for the contest can be found in the back of the tennessee state 4h. In the king county 4h horse program, keeping a record book is a requirement to exhibit a project horse at the king county fairstate qualifying event. Activities include horse body shop, designing the perfect horse, paper dolls, human cues and group relay knot. The 4h horse project 1 introducing the 4h horse project many people, young and old, are discovering the satisfaction and pleasure that horses can bring them. All 2018 4h livestock project records are due to the beaufort county cooperative by june 1, 2018. My 4h horse project record book hunterdon county, nj. The utah 4h horse program is governed by the utah state 4h horse council which coordinates nonhorse programs and contests including public speaking, demonstrations, hippology, horse bowl, horse judging, and horse riding eventshorse shows for english, western, two handed, working ranch horse programs, and more. Animals 4h bucket calf record pdf fillin file 87 kb ne4h9020 nebraska 4h animal record pdf fillin file 167 kb breeding beef. Learn about horse breeds, caring for and managing a horse safely, horsemanship and horserelated businesses. University of idaho extension, 4h youth development offers life changing.

The 4h horse project can be an exciting and worthwhile experience for both you and your horse. Exhibit the particular project horse that will go to the area d horse show at the county 4h qualifier horse show in the spring. These books help identify the areas youve been working on all year long. To ease the sudden transition into a virtual format for 4h programming, we have built a list of resources for idaho s 4h family to utilize as they continue 4h learning and engagement.

Horse provides an interactive, handson curriculum for youth to explore raising and showing horses while developing life skills. You may enroll at any time, but certain projects have deadlines. This page contains all of the 4h information you need to know for the fair and. Learning to keep accurate records is an essential life skill.

Record keeping is an important life skill and all 4h members are encouraged to keep written records of their 4h club year. The record book this record, if properly kept, will give a clear picture of what you have done through your horse project. These experiences are based on the idea that young people should be regarded as resources to be developed. List of current 4h project areas this is new as of 2019 utah state 4h portfolio site. Cover letter objectives horse, livestock, leadership roles, county contest. Book sections cover horse breeds, psychology, and how to. The records of the idaho 4h clubs were donated to the university of idaho library by state leader maurice johnson between january 1985 and february 1992. The date is set for june 1518, 2017 and will be held in donnelly, idaho at cascade lake 4h camp. Record participation in any type activity or show, such as. In summary, there is a need for all aspects of the current 4h horse program, and it is hoped that you as leaders and agents, will encourage participation of your club members in all these areas. Recordkeeping made easier welcome 4honline record book.

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